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TOFU registry

The TOFU registry is a nationwide registry for patients with non-infectious uveitis of the posterior segment of the eye. The registry documents disease progression both with and without therapies, patients are added to the registry at one of the participating centres.

The registry is formally equivalent to a non-commercial and non-interventional observational study. This means that only the progression of the disease and the therapy carried out by the attending doctor is documented, no examinations or therapies are specified.

Aims of the registry study

The aim is to establish a registry of patients with non-infectious uveitis of the posterior segments of the eye. The disease progression is monitored over a long period of time and the tapering / discontinuation of immunomodulatory drugs is documented. The aim of the registry is to use the
data collected to improve standardisation of therapy and to develop recommendations for therapy guidelines. These should also include recommendations for ending a therapy as the data on this is scarce and there are no recommendations. The quality of life of participating patients is also considered here.